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We're Altaire & Shawn, and we dreamt up How to Speak Universe as a platform to share everything we know about living a life of freedom, healing, abundance and love. We consider ourselves Sacred Rebels and Vision Keepers: guides here to usher in a new paradigm of Paradise on Earth which begins within. We are NOT gurus, influencers or even coaches. We simply help you remember your innate ability to live the life you came here to live - the life of your dreams. We have experienced the power of our techniques firsthand, and now dedicate our lives to helping others break free and collectively raise the vibe.

Keep scrolling to get to know us better. It's certainly not an accident that you found your way here, and we hope we have the opportunity to powerfully serve you.

Love Always,
Altaire & Shawn

Meet Altaire & Shawn

Altaire Cambata Turner is a Clinical Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner and Cultural Anthropologist dedicated to researching the science, culture and spirit of transformational healing, worldwide. She is passionate about sharing techniques that help her clients break free and live their dreams in sacred conversation with our Universe. Her enthusiasm for exploring the frontiers of human potential is grounded in a masterful and ever-evolving synthesis of various healing modalities, including mindset techniques, energy work, spiritual laws, bio-optimization and plant medicine. She is professional trained in Clinical Herbalism, Nutrition, Flower Essence Therapy, Past Life Soul Regression Therapy, Shamanic Journeywork, Spirit Channeling and Jüngian Analysis. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology & Sustainability from the University of Virginia, and conducted a Master's Thesis on Indigenous Cosmology and Ethnobotany at the Institute for Development Studies in the Climate Change & International Development MSc program. 

Shawn Turner serves as a powerful space-holder for those who wish to explore the horizons of what they are capable of, and release once and for all the limitations they have carried for so long.
 With a focus on men's groups, sacred masculinity and leadership, Shawn’s life has become an altar to sovereignty and peace that exists beyond the agenda-driven society he was raised to accept, and serves as an example for those who wish to do the same.

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