21 Day Embodiment Immersion


Begins Again in 2023.

Hosted by Altaire Cambata Turner

Identify and Release the Limitations Holding You Back from Manifesting a Life You Love

Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence, Tune In To Your Body and Re-Sensitize Your Intuition

Take Inspired Action, Re-Pattern Limiting Behaviors and Embody Your Highest Self

Let Me Guess... 


πŸŒˆβƒ€  You're burnt-out from years of worrying, hurrying, hustling and trying to figure everything out with the rational mind,


πŸŒˆβƒ€    You want to believe that "the universe has your back,” but you frequently feel powerless and out of control in a chaotic world, unsure of your next steps,

 πŸŒˆβƒ€    You dread Mondays, resent “Babylon” and can no longer work a job that lacks meaning, creativity and challenges your values, 

πŸŒˆβƒ€    If you're self-employed you desperately want to tap into the energetics that take your mission to that next level of soulful success,

 πŸŒˆβƒ€    You’re done with superficial metrics of success and see through the toxic cycles of materialism, consumption and oppression. You want to create a deeply fulfilling reality on your own terms,

 πŸŒˆβƒ€    As the “black sheep” you feel solitary on your journey of spiritual awakening; you wish you could be a part of a down-to-earth, like-minded community on a similar path, 

 πŸŒˆβƒ€   You’re open to calling in a conscious, soul-mate partnership, or you crave more depth and conscious growth in your current partnership, and want to learn how to co-create a prosperous and abundant future as a couple

 πŸŒˆβƒ€   You regularly feel hung-up on the past, stressed about your future and unsure of your next moves...

...but you’re also willing to wake the f*ck up and dissolve the limiting beliefs and false programming that keep you blocked from creating a life you love!!!

It's time to radically embody a level of truth so powerful that you re-shape your reality from within!

Learn to Turn Dreams Into Reality with Embodied Presence

We begin December 3, 2022.
All video sessions are recorded and immediately uploaded for those who cannot attend live.

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Into the Light is For You If You Desire...

  •  The awareness to practically apply concepts like embodied presence, energy coherence and cosmic law to connect to the universe and consciously create a reality you love, from within...

  • To consciously manifest desired outcomes such as...aligning with a purpose-driven career path or conscious business, upgrading your living environment,  connecting with a like-minded community of manifestors, calling in the one or deepening your current partnership to new levels of intimacy...

  • Experiencing an increase in signs, synchronicities, intuition, inspiration  & lucky events that offer clarity, guidance and a sense of flow with the universe...

  • Developing an increased resilience to personal and collective stress, and the ability to face life’s challenges with courage...

This is NOT For You If...


  • You are looking for a quick fix or a means to spiritually or intellectually bypass the commitment and responsibility that is required of you at a personal level.

  • This workshop is for general educational purposes only and is not a replacement for therapy or professional medical advice. If you feel you need 1:1 support for deeper anxieties, depression, or traumas, please seek the help of a registered professional.


Hanan B.

I wanted to stop smoking, because it’s hurting me. With embodied presence, I noticed it hurts me in the lungs, and then I said, “No, this is a very bad sign.” I realize I don’t like the feeling of smoking cigarettes. I don’t like the taste. I notice it in my body, in my throat. Then I noticed it was affecting my immunity. And this convinced me to take the next step and quit.”

Adam H.

“I have let people go, and not in a bitter or angry way..but I’m not going to pour my energy into this...I’ve been afraid to let go but I’ve finally been able to...which has been really freeing.”

“I’m wearing a wristband again to help remind me to drop into presence. And a cool thing that’s happened in the last 21 days is I’ve felt more committed to learning Spanish, and I’m also learning German now!”

Rebecca B.

“I’ve been doing mindfulness, shadow work, and deep dives into my spiritual awakening for 2 years before I met Altaire...and this program was a fast track to…releasing and identifying all the things that I had been working on 2 years prior.

This past 20 days...felt like coming
home to myself in order to expand into the world more broadly.” 

Hi, I'm Altaire

I'd love to tell you what has brought me to this point in life; it's been a wild ride to get here!

I began my path to this work as an avid student of anthropology, ethnobotany and indigenous cosmology. I earned a BA in Anthropology and Global Sustainability from the University of Virginia and then completed a MSc in Climate Science & International Development from the Institute of Development Studies on the ethnobotany of marine, seaweed agriculture in Nusa Penida, Bali.

I'm indebted to my academic and shamanic teachers of this time, including Dr. Roy Wagner, for his expertise on the literature of Carlos CasteΕ„eda, Edith Wagner for her devotion to Shamanic research, Dr. Ian Stevenson for his involvement in the UVa Division of Perceptual Studies, as well as the hospitality and spirituality of the people of Nusa Penida island, Bali, Indonesia. This chapter of my life would go on to define a decade-long exploration of nature, consciousness and healing around the world.

My studies evolved into a career with international organizations and non-profits such as The United Nations and The World Wildlife Fund, where I supported social and environmental responsibility projects around the world, from the streets of London to the beaches of Lombok to the desert-southwest of Colorado.

And then on August 21st, 2017, my life went into a tailspin.



Live Video Call 1/2

Saturday, December 3rd, 6pm CET / 12 pm EST
Introduction to the PRISM method for the everyday embodiment of your cosmic being: includes in-depth explanations, case studies of the benefits of consistent practice, guided meditations and live Q&A


Live Video Call 2/2

Sunday, December 4th, 6pm CET / 12 pm EST
The practical application of PRISM method in everyday life: how to LIVE in the NOW: from relationships, to finances, to overall wellness, to community, to your career path and beyond


21 Days of Immersion Practice

Saturday December 3rd to Sunday December 25th, 2022

You commit to 21 days of embodiment practice, with access to a private channel in Telegram where you will receive daily prompts/reminders for embodying PRISM state, and get to know other participants in the program

Live Video Call with Altaire (Private)

Any time between Saturday December 3rd and Thursday, December 22nd you can book a 45 minute 1:1 call with Altaire for private coaching.


**All video sessions are recorded and immediately uploaded for those who cannot attend live.


**You receive lifetime access to the video recordings in your online course portal.


***Please note that the recordings of all live video sessions will be made available to the public at a future date. This will include your Zoom account photo, video, name and any questions or comments made while participating.***

We Begin Saturday, December 3rd

at 6pm CET / 12pm EST

Registration closes on midnight EST, December 2nd...









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  • 3x Live Video Sessions Including PRISM Embodiment Practices

  • Private Telegram group for 21-daily PRISM prompts and group chat support/networking

  • Lifetime access to all materials

  • Dream Life Activation guided meditation

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Radical Embodiment & Deep Integration Over 3 Weeks of Practice 


I know what you are looking for, because I was also once looking for the same thing. You're ready to consciously influence your life and your world for the better. You're ready to show others how good it gets to be. I know the path hasn't always been easy, but it has brought you here. You're starting to realize that everything you need is within you. In "Into the Light," you will tune into the conscious embodiment of your cosmic self, where answers you seek are waiting for you.


I hope to see you inside,

Love, Altaire


All video sessions are recorded and immediately uploaded for those who cannot attend live.
Register Now for Into the Light


Register Now for Into the Light