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What is Soul Regression?

Soul Regression is a life-defining journey through space, time and dimension via a deeply relaxed state of perception.

Through the subconscious mind, you will tap into memories of past life experiences and communicate directly with spirit teachers to illuminate your perspective of soul lessons and the purpose you have come into body to achieve.

Altaire has compassionately and safely facilitated nearly 100 sessions, guiding souls from around the world to the powerful truth of their inner knowing.

She specializes in leading women who are re-connecting to their calling as a mystic and healer.

What Should I Expect in a Session?


Sessions can be performed in-person or virtually via Zoom, and last about two and a half hours.

The session begins with a 30 minute interview to understand better your questions, curiosities and intentions. From there, you will be lead into a deep state of relaxation, where you will experience first-hand the memories related to your past lives, as well as encounters with spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over, who have a message to share.

For the remaining 30 minutes, we will begin to integrate the wisdom and divine teachings that have been shared.

What Questions Can I Explore In a Session?

  • What is my purpose in this life?

  • What talents or abilities do I have in this life that I have not used or have under-used?

  • What career(s) are best suited to me in terms of my talents and abilities?

  • Where is my soul mate/twin flame/dream partner?

  • How am I doing in this life?

  • Can I get a better understanding of my relationship with... (This might include those who have been close to you as well as antagonists.)

  • Is there any karma that I need to work through in this lifetime?

  • What blocks would be most beneficial for me to work on at this time?

  • How can I better access my intuition?

  • Why am I challenged by particular issues (such as health issues or financial issues) and how can I move past them?

Meet Your Guide: Altaire Cambata Turner

Altaire has conducted almost 100 Past Life Regression sessions with clients from around the world.
She trained under renowned regression practitioner Dr. Linda Backman, (student and co-facilitator with Michael Newton), author of “The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration.”
Altaire began studying life after death as an anthropology student at the University of Virginia, exploring the archives at the Division of Perceptual Studies, founded by Dr. Ian Stevenson.
Altaire is known for her ability to facilitate deeply enriching and rewarding regression sessions, held with compassion, non-judgment and support.
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Auriele, Lugano, Switzerland


"Altaire guided me with a lot of gentleness and kindness and I felt very safe. I could envision sequences of my past life very clearly. I could feel deeply all the emotions I was going through, I met my spiritual guide and I received meaningful messages from her. It was a strong and moving experience. I felt deeply the emotions and sensations and above all, it really helps me with my current life! It helps me to put things into perspective and to have a bigger picture of my shadows and what I need to focus on. I was suffering from guiltiness and isolation and I feel I am healing and liberated to take actions in this current life. And amazing synchronicities have happened to me since, related to the location of my past life. I highly recommend the experience with Altaire. You are in good and safe hands!”


Elizabeth Rose, Washington State, USA


"When I met Altaire and experienced her energy I knew I wanted to have a session with her. Prior to that, I had started to become very curious about my past lives, as certain things in this lifetime seemed to be connected to something much deeper. Upon being guided through the session with Altaire, I felt completely safe and able to fully show up. Altaire guides you with such love and genuine openness. I left feeling empowered and with a more inclusive understanding of myself. It’s been months since I’ve had my reading and I still find myself constantly referencing what came up in that hour and a half. I am so grateful and amazed by this work. So profound. Thank you Altaire!!!”


Lexy Currier, Colorado, USA


“I did a Past Life Soul Regression with Altaire and it was such an incredible experience. Before we went into it, I told her I was feeling a block around my heart center and wasn’t sure why. We began our session and it was almost parallel to this life in detail and we discovered why I was feeling so blocked. After the session, my blocked heart center subsided. During the session we discovered I was in Germany around the 1400’s and died of the plague. After the session we did some fact-checking and discovered the plague hit Germany in 1462-1465! We also found that I did some night-foraging in the woods and was always terrified of being caught by authority, and in our research we found that “night watch” to track "witches" in Germany was very popular and you can still visit some cities and go on a tourist “night watch.” I don’t know what’s more incredible, the facts we checked or the parallel details of my current life and that past life! I highly recommend doing a Past Life Soul Regression with Altaire!”

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