Prepare to Be Surprised and Delighted by the Universe...

This guided meditation was designed to access your highest timeline and anchor your most aligned self.

We call this meditation a "mircodose" because it is only 13 minutes long and was designed to be viewed as early as possible to improve your entire day.

Side effects include increased magnetism, signs and synchronicities, solutions to problems, improved wellbeing and an increase in intuitive downloads and inner guidance.

Sit back, watch the kaleidoscope and let the codes enter your subconscious while your vibration gently rises.

Love, Altaire & Shawn

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Once you receive your login details, we highly recommend downloading the free Kajabi App. You'll be able to use your Dream Life Activation login information to access the meditation on your device, anywhere, anytime. To access this meditation on your computer, login via the "Student Login" portal in the upper right hand of the website.