Techniques to Break Free & Live Your Dreams:

Mindset, Energy Work, Hypnosis, Plant Medicine & Bio-Optimization

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"...techniques that enable her clients to design powerful lives in alignment with their higher purpose, their passion and their inner power..."

With Master Coaches,
Altaire & Shawn

Altaire is a Certified Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Cultural Anthropologist with a focus on indigenous cosmology and ethnobotany (BA/MSc), passionate speaker and life coach, dedicated to exploring the science, culture and spirit of transformational healing, worldwide. Her enthusiasm for exploring the frontiers of human potential is grounded in a masterful and ever-evolving synthesis of the modalities of Medical Herbalism & Plant Spirit Medicine (CCH), Nutrition (CCN), Vitalist Lifestyle Practices, Flower Essence Therapy (Bach Flower Remedies), Past Life Soul Regression (PLRST), developments in consciousness and mindfulness research, and indigenous wisdom, for a modern and accessible approach to wellbeing.

Shawn is a powerful space-holder for those who wish to explore the horizons of what they are capable of, and release once and for all the limitations they have carried for so long.
 With a focus on men's groups, sacred masculinity and leadership, Shawn’s life has become an altar to sovereignty and peace that exists beyond the agenda-driven society he was raised to accept, and serves as an example for those who wish to do the same.


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